Welcome To The New Arcade

This is a reform of how pronouns in English work, adding more pronouns to be more clear and concise when referring to different things and people. It also brings back things from Old English, like dual first-person or plural second-person. The system also does away with neopronouns, instead assigning specific pronouns to all feelings of gender. This should not be taken too seriously, your pronouns are valid regardless of whether they conform to this system.

Biological HumansAnimals and Organisms (Real and Personified)Spirits, Aliens, Cryptids, Gods, and OthersInanimate ObjectsFormal

Second Person
Nominative Accusative Independent Genitive Dependent Genitive Reflexive
Singular Thou Thee Thy Thine Thyself
Plural Thein Theen Thern Therns Thernselves
One Whole System Suth Suth Surth Surths Surthselves
Multiple Whole Systems Wuth Wuth Wurth Wurths Wurthselves

Third Person
Nominative Accusative Independent Genitive Dependent Genitive Reflexive
Masculine Singular Hew Hiwm Hiws Hiws Hiwmself
Feminine Singular Shew Hewr Hewr Hewrs Hewrself
Nonbinary Singular Xew Xewm Xywr Xywrs Xewmself
Xenine Singular Aew Aewr Aewr Aewrs Aewrself
Outherine Singular Oaw Oawm Oaws Oaws Oawmself
Aporine Singular Vew Vewr Viws Viws Vewrself
Agender Singular Com Com Coms Coms Comself
Unknown or Neutral Singular Thown Thown Thowns Thowns Thownself
Plural Thewy Thewm Theiwr Theiwrs Thewmselves
One Whole System Saw Sewm Seiwr Seiwrs Seiwrselves
Multiple Whole Systems Waw Wewm Weiwr Weiwrs Weiwrselves