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This page consists of random unrelated ideas I've had which don't have enough to them to warrant their own page.

Tomorrow-Overmorrow-Trimorrow System

This expands on the archaic English words "Overmorrow" and "Ereyesterday", allowing for the user to refer to any day within the last or next month via use of tomorrow/yesterday-esque words somewhat based on numeral prefixes.

Amount of Days Before After
1 Yesterday Tomorrow
2 Ereyesterday Overmorrow
3 Triesterday Trimorrow
4 Quadesterday Tetramorrow
5 Quintesterday Quinmorrow
6 Hexesterday Hexamorrow
7 Septesterday Septorrow
8 Octesterday Octarrow
9 Novesterday Nomorrow
10 Dekesterday Decmorrow
11 Elfesterday Elfmorrow
12 Dozesterday Dozorrow
13 Drazesterday Drazemorrow
14 Eptwinesterday Eptwinmorrow
15 Fimesterday Fimorrow
16 Texesterday Texmorrow
17 Septdekesterday Septdecmorrow
18 Octdekesterday Octadekarrow
19 Nodekesterday Nodecmorrow
20 Vegesterday Vegorrow
21 Univegesterday Univegorrow
22 Duvegesterday Duvegorrow
23 Trivegesterday Trivegorrow
24 Tetravesterday Tretravorrow
25 Quinvegesterday Quinvegorrow
26 Hexvegesterday Hexvegorrow
27 Septvegesterday Septvegorrow
28 Octvegesterday Octavegorrow
29 Novegesterday Novegorrow
30 Trigenesterday Trigenorrow
31 Trigelfesterday Trigelforrow

Thau Pronouns

Thau pronouns are both first and second person, and can be used in writing to put the reader in the narrators shoes.

Nominative Accusative Independent Genitive Dependent Genitive Reflexive
Singular Thau Thau Thaus Thaun Thaunself

Order Based Third Person Pronouns

This system for referring to people in the third-person gets rid of gender, and instead uses the order in which people are mentioned in a conversation (ex. The first person mentioned would be "Ha", the second person would be "He").

Nominative Accusative Independent Genitive Dependent Genitive Reflexive
First Ha Ham Has Has Hamself
Second He Heem Hees Hees Heemself
Third Hi Him His His Himself
Fourth Ho Hom Hos Hos Homself
Fifth Hu Hum Hus Hus Humself
Sixth Hy Hym Hys Hys Hymself
Seventh Hae Haem Haes Haes Haemself

Unique Numeral Prefixes for Eleven to Nineteen

This system takes the typical numeral prefixes found in English and expands them to include unique prefixes for 11-19. These new prefixes are based on number names from Old English. Numbers above twenty have the typical prefixes.

Number Prefix
1 Uni
2 Bi/Du
3 Tri
4 Quad/Tetra
5 Quint/Penta
6 Sexa/Hexa
7 Sept/Hepta
8 Octo
9 Nona
10 Deca
11 Endle
12 Twelfe
13 Threo
14 Feo
15 Fifti
16 Siexa
17 Seofa
18 Eahta
19 Nigo
20 Viginti

Currency Names

Currency names from a document buried in my google drive years ago.

Amount Name
$0.0001 Nothings
$0.001 Mil
$0.005 Pentamil
$0.01 Penny
$0.02 Duenny
$0.03 Trienny
$0.04 Quadney
$0.05 Nickle
$0.10 Dime
$0.25 Quarter
$0.50 Half
$0.75 Pac
$1.00 Dollar
$2.00 Duodollar
$3.00 Tridollar
$4.00 Quardollar
$5.00 Pentadollar
$10.00 Decadollar
$20.00 Vecidollar
$50.00 Pecidollar
$100.00 Centidollar
$200.00 Vecentidollar
$500.00 Pecentidollar
$1,000.00 Chilliadollar
$5,000.00 Pechilliadollar
$10,000.00 Dechilliadollar
$100,000.00 Cenilliadollar