Welcome To The New Arcade

The Black Parade: An Extended Experience

This is my attempt at extending My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade using other songs from them, primarily B-Sides and demos. I just did this for fun, and obviously I don't own any of these songs.

The original album is a concept album about a man named The Patient dying of cancer and going to the afterlife. The song "Welcome to the Black Parade" is when The Patient dies, but when listening to demos it clicked with me that "All the Angels" takes place directly before The Patient's death. I then remembered that the B-Side "My Way Home Is Through You" ends with the line "C'mon, Angel, don't you cry", and while the songs are most likely not connected (or at least not that directly), they gave me the idea of extending the album.

The new tracks are "My Way Home Is Through You", "All the Angels", "Heaven Help Us", "Party at the End of the World", and "Not That Kind of Girl". I replaced Blood with an alternate version that lacks the silence at the beginning, as in my opinion hidden tracks just aren't as special when the album is online and the track is clearly listed.