Welcome To The New Arcade

About Me

Hello! I am New Arcade, and I am a nonbinary game developer/interactive fiction writer, or at least I'm trying to be. My pronouns are they/them. On this website you can find a lot of the work I've completed, though I'm not the best at finishing things. The site contains interactive fiction and games as you could guess, but it also features various other projects of mine such as calendar reforms, spelling reforms, and whatever else I find interesting.

Favorite Games Favorite Movies Favorite Bands
Antumbra Pretend That You Love Me Lovejoy
Hendecad Primer Hot Mulligan
The Shape You Make When You Want Your Bones To Be Closest To The Surface Pump Up The Volume My Chemical Romance
Night In The Woods Heathers Bring Me The Horizon
Lucidity in a Sea of Dreams Slacker nothing, nowhere.
散歩 - Walk True Romance 8485
howling dogs Pulp Fiction Sophie Powers
Perfect Vermin tick, tick...BOOM! Pierce The Veil
LSD: Dream Emulator Drowning in Potential The Wrecks
SOUP 0.9 Everything Everywhere All at Once Waterparks
Hitman III
Will of the People: Dead Biorb Rising

Favorite Shows Favorite Books Favorite Musicals
Breaking Bad Flowers For Algernon Hamilton
Cobra Kai His Dark Materials In the Heights
Heartstopper Cat's Eye American Idiot
The Queen's Gambit Arc of a Scythe
Stranger Things
The Umbrella Academy
The Walking Dead

Favorite Animes Favorite Comics Favorite Artists
Death Note xkcd Kristoffer Zetterstrand
Fruits Basket Garfield Andres Serrano
Barnett Newman

Favorite Animals Favorite Drinks Favorite Music Videos
Capybaras Dr. Pepper Freaking Out - The Wrecks
Rats Pipeline Punch Monster Gloom Boys - Waterparks
Raccoons Ultra Rosa Monster hangar - 8485
Polar Bears Starlight Coca-Cola
Beavers Cherry Coca-Cola
Shrimp Cherry Dr. Pepper
Borzois Horchata
Cotton Candy Bang